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Bathing Brush

Bathing Brush

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Effortless Bathing: The Electric Cat Bathing Brush simplifies cat grooming, turning the once challenging task into a hassle-free experience. The integrated water sprayer and soap application through the brush streamline the process, making it easy for pet owners to keep their feline friends clean.
Rechargeable: The Electric Cat Brush is rechargeable and has long lasting battery. 

Gentle and Stress-Free: The brush's soft bristles and gentle water sprayer ensure a calming and stress-free bath time for cats. Say goodbye to the usual struggle and anxiety associated with cat baths, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable grooming routine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Ignatius Runolfsdottir

I arrive early. Looks good quality. Just need to prove it.

Brielle Friesen

Great purchase. The little steam works super well, the hairs are all on the brush and do not spread around the house, the bristles are soft and do not hurt. The cats liked it.

Ernie Beier

It is very good, very soft and slight engine noise but it is perfect. I would buy again

Nathanael Kemmer

Works very well

Philip Wintheiser

It's good! Especially the water vapor that comes out when I brush my cat, it does not retain as much hair as they show in some videos, but it works well and has a massager effect, different from the other brushes. I have another metal that I think brings out more hair, but I use both and they give good results